• With safety in mind,  FASTBRACES®  Technology was developed to straighten teeth differently – allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution.

     FASTBRACES®  Technology high performance bracket systems allow for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final positions from the beginning of treatment by torquing them from the very first appointment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity, in times measured in weeks or months. They have been developed and tested over the past 25 years and available in multiple countries around the world.  FASTBRACES®  Technology is fast, safe, easy and affordable treatment. With the patented triangular design of the braces, cutting edge techniques and a special heat-activated wire, this new technology is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics by now allowing both general dentists and specialists orthodontists to offer very efficient nonextraction comprehensive orthodontic treatment to their patients.

  • *Total treatment time 15 months

  • The decision to get braces can be scary one. However, knowing the entire process from consultation to beautiful smile can help a patient be more confident about the decision to choose FASTBRACES® Technology. It should be the right of every child and adult to go to Stockwell Family Dentistry and get a beautiful smile without having to pull teeth in most cases.

  • A Customized Plan is created for each patient.

    Once you have selected and had a consultation scheduled, Dr. Stockwell will take radiographs and pictures of the your teeth. This will help Dr. Stockwell create a customized plan for you. While there are no miracle shortcuts in orthodontics,  FASTBRACES®  Technology is different by design, which allows for the treatment to be measured in weeks to months, not years.

    The plan is complete in about 20 weeks if the patient's bone responds really well!

    Traditional braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crown of the tooth in the first year, and the root of the tooth towards its final position in the second year, thus requiring about two years of treatment.  FASTBRACES® Technology allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final position from the onset of treatment, thus completing treatment in weeks or in months instead of years!

    The result is a beautiful smile!

    The braces are removed and treatment is completed! After treatment, Stockwell Family Dentistry may recommend that you wear a retainer every night during a normal 8-hours sleep period ("Teeth Pajamas") or just in the shower for 15-20 minutes every day ("Tooth Shampoo").